An Effective Quality Assurance Process

We comply with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.

Eusere Regulatory Services ensures all translation jobs are done carefully and professionally using the following guidelines:

1. Translation jobs are done by experienced translators who are experts in the language pair and subject matter of the text in question.

2. Translations that are intended for the public domain are done, or reviewed for style by a native speaker of the target language. Text intended for communications between companies or other entities, not for a wider public, are an exception, unless otherwise agreed upon.

3. The translator will use the client’s subject matter terminology if the client makes that available from earlier translations or text about the same subject matter and language. We will correct the client’s terminology if it appears to contain inaccuracies or obvious mistakes.

4. We may contact the client for further information about the terms and expression for reasons including: (a) the fact that clients may use terms whose meaning is clear only for them or, (b) the text subject matter is so new that the terms or expressions have not been used before.

5. We consult other experts on the text subject matter about inaccurate terms or expressions if the client’s expertise is not sufficient.

6. We use the newest and most comprehensive subject matter specific dictionaries.

7. We ensure that the translation terminology is consistent.

8. We produce translations appropriate to the intended readership.

9. We do one more check of translations before delivering them to clients to avoid any careless mistakes.

10. We constantly improve our quality assurance system and take a constructive attitude towards our client’s feedback.