Precise and easy-to-understand food labelling

Food packaging should have simple labelling allowing consumers to choose and purchase the products they want. Labelling must never mislead consumers and must always be in accordance with legislation-specific standards.
EUSERE provides checking services for food manufacturers, marketers, importers and exporters. Label precision is important to consumers and required by law. Labelling should provide correct information regarding characteristics, composition, nature, quantity, origin and foodstuff manufacturing or production methods.

Precise and good food labelling:

  • Supports marketing
  • Gives added value to customers, e.g. simple labelling of ingredients and nutritional values facilitate the reading of food product information
  • Reduces costs when labelling is done right the first time
  • Increases customer trust to food product quality
  • Reduces the number of customer complaints
  • Reduces food control needs and therefore reduces control costs

Packaging label requirements changed

The national and EU regulations oversee packaged and unpackaged foodstuff labelling and the new EU Food Information Regulation, set forth in December 2014, requires that the provided information must be even more accurate. In regards to nutritional labelling, the transitional period expired on 13.12.2016. The purpose of the new regulations is to provide a clearer picture to consumers and the entire food chain, of which ingredients are used as well as any nutrients and any potential allergens they contain.

EUSERE – Food Legislation Consulting Service

EUSERE provides services for preparing and checking legally-approved and existing package labelling. We offer food labelling advice services to food business operators, such as food manufacturers, marketers, importers and exporters, and other food businesses. Our service covers the following Nordic countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.
We ensure that all food labelling complies with the current laws. Our service also covers pet food labelling.