Food Labelling Translations and Technical Translation Service

Food Labelling Translations and Technical Translation Service

The EUSERE Regulatory Services offers document translation and DTP services. We provide translations for a large range of languages, including all European and Nordic languages. We have a network of professional translators at your service for all varieties of texts and subject-fields such as legal, technical and marketing.

Business Focus

Our primary focus is quality. We value long-term relationships with clients for whom quality is of the utmost importance.


Our operational motivation is driven by reliable partners and sub-contractors, satisfied clients, and our ever-interesting international contacts.

Client Promise

We provide you with top-quality translations delivered within your specified deadline. We promise you a reactive service, willing to comply with your specific requirements so your request is treated for the day and time you want. We are a reliable partner for your diverse translation needs.


The EUSERE Regulatory Services’s clients include businesses, associations, government entities, cities, and municipalities.

Quality Management

We comply with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.